Media people often say that “Content is the King”. Without the right presentation layer the best content could appear uninteresting or unrelated. Without the right navigation the best content can be forgotten, overlooked or even deleted by mistake.

Furthermore, the tremendous volume of content circulated daily on every platform requires an intelligent, adaptive, flexible and personalized presentation layer.

Organizing, categorizing, searching, suggesting and finally presenting the content is as valuable as the content itself.

One of the booming markets today is the development of applications for devices. The plethora of mobile platforms, set-top-boxes and Smart TVs has created a demand for cross platform content consumption. There are too many applications dedicated to the same content and the only difference is the presentation layer. On the other, hand there are applications with too much content to display and the presentation layer is the key to content discovery.

Our software architects, designers and engineers, have years of experience in the field of User Interface, User Behavior and Interactivity creating applications that will deliver the best experience to your customers.

TV Control can help you to quickly deploy and distribute your content through innovative technology and multiple platforms shifting your market focus to new value-adding services.