Displaying a TV guide on the web requires a significant operational effort in order to maintain the program information accurate and relevant.

Our EPG product has been re-engineered to suit the web needs offering the same quality of service produced for broadcasters.


We offer to our customers a selection of TV Guide display options for their websites. Starting from a simple widget that can be used for free, to extensive guides displayed in a full frame and remotely managed by us. In addition we offer custom XML feeds for dedicated TV Guide web pages that can include any type or number of channels. We have developed a one-stop shop for TV Guide information eliminating the development & operational work on the customer’s side.


The convergence between the television and the web has been achieved through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as Smart TVs. Those “connected-companion devices” act as a complimentary source of information, enhancing the viewing experience.

TV Guides are among the first applications that utilize the capabilities of the connected devices with extended and rich media content both informative and social.
We are very excited to have been engaged with this technology, expanding our services across multiple platforms and devices while developing brand new features in an attempt to make the browsing of TV schedule information a fun, personal and unique experience.