Generation Y (the next generation) is known for its short attention span and lack of loyalty. Also, it has been habituated to multitask and snack segmented information consumed in a multi platform environment, breaking away from traditional mediums. This is the inevitable reaction to a technically very complicated and ever changing world that gets overloaded with information by the minute. This might not be your way of living, but remember that Generation Y is your next customer.

Strategy & Business (Business Analysis & Modeling)

Our mission is to help companies to strategically position themselves and successfully enter the next-generation digital media market.

As the world is becoming more familiar with technology, the more difficult it becomes for your company to deliver unique products and services that respond to customer’s expectations.

TV Control is the strategic technology partner that can help you frame your concept to a product offering. We can deliver concept analysis & research for your idea, providing expert knowledge from specialists in the field of Technology, Marketing, Legal & Regulatory, Production and Manufacturing.

We can help you see the future of your product within the competitive landscape and potentially save you a lot of effort and money, before you kick-start you idea into a project.

Product & Service Design (Scope & planning)

Analysing the patterns of the past, optimizing the performance of today and shaping the “next curve” for the future, compose of the 3 essential elements for the success of your investment in the digital media world.

TV Control can help you define your product and create a high-level plan before you commit your resources. Planning and scheduling will save you time and money in the long run and the experience provided from our experts is priceless.

Integration Service (Architecture & Design)

As the digital transmission is rapidly replacing every single traditional format, the concept of Cross Platform & Multiscreen has become from a nice-to-have idea to a necessity.

TV Control provides an innovative and realistic approach to design, development and delivery for your media projects. Our expertise in system integration combines the best solutions from different manufacturers and partners consolidating into a unified infrastructure and ecosystem.

We have a deep insight of the technology of the key suppliers including Broadcast head-end, Middleware, DRM solutions, STB hardware & Software Applications.

We can assist in defining and managing of the functional and technical requirements captured in the high-level architecture and design. Our value lies in our experience to help you avoid the typical first-time problems and design issues that will emerge.

Project & Process Management

In the digital realm, complicated projects no longer require complex working structures and planning techniques. Adaptive thinking and cross-functional acting, together with deep and vertical understanding of every project phase is the key to efficient project management. Agile approach to project and process management has been part of our work long before the word “Agile” became a buzzword.

Test & Qualification (Acceptance & Readiness)

Experts argue that “testing” has become a science or even a form of art. Finding the fine-line between “just enough” and “good enough” testing, requires experience and the right tools.

TV Control has developed a unique testing process for embedded systems that can help you break the functional testing into basic user actions and system states. Analysing all the possible combinations between user and system, we can produce functionality maps with 100% coverage on testing scenarios.

We can provide strong expertise in end-to-end STB/UI testing including functional and stress testing. TV Control can help you create and operate automated testing farms for acceptance and readiness tasks. We can ensure that your time spent in qualification, is as valuable as the money spend in development.

Life Cycle Support

Operation Optimization (Automation & Control)

One of the most expensive functions of a digital media project is the operations and support. We can assist you automate the operational processes & tasks by minimizing the cost for supporting the life cycle of the project.

Maintenance Support (Fine Tune & Adaptation)

Every successful product launch could be further improved and fine-tuned. TV Control can help you with the post analysis, field feedback and maintenance planning of your project.

Next Phase Planning (Cycling Phase Development)

The launch of a product is not the end of a process but the beginning of the next one. We can help you in the phasing and parallel planning of your product development and delivery cycles, adapting to new requirements as well as bug fixing tasks without compromising the delivery dates.