Digital TV broadcasters require reliable, customized and accurate metadata information. Traditional printed guides and automatic website collection techniques cannot deliver the desired quality of service.

TV Control has a portfolio of more than 3 million TV programs of 80 UK and International channels broadcasted in the country and delivered more than 3,000 XML files.

We have developed our own custom editorial platform, specifically designed for original authoring of EPG metadata. This is a software suite that delivers fast, rich and accurate information. In addition we have built a comprehensive TV program database with advanced features that allow us to handle on a daily basis, multiple channel information and incorporate up-to-the-minute schedule changes with minimum operational effort. As a result, we can guarantee an unparalleled quality of service in a very competitive price.

TV Control creates, translates, aggregates and distributes information for more than 80 UK and International channels.

There is no limit to the number of TV channels or languages that we can deliver the EPG. Through our close relationship with content providers, we can ensure that the regular program schedules and any changes are processed and delivered on time.

EPG service

Our EPG service is supplied in XML files of any schema/format defined by your broadcasting systems. We are developing extra custom software tools for each client in order to eliminate any operational effort on their side.

We provide EPG data for up to 2 weeks in advance with daily updates (or multiple times a day) including any schedule changes thus maintaining the EPG schedule as accurate as possible.

EIT service

We understand your needs and through our experience with large international broadcasting networks we constantly design services that enhance the end-user experience.

A new service that has been added to our portfolio is a DVB service called: EIT. We produce real time triggers that are sent automatically from your broadcasting systems to your customer’s STB to notifying about an event changeover.
Using a known mechanism from the DVB standards (EIT/pf tables) every STB in the field will know the exact time a program has started and finished, which in most cases is very different from the scheduled time provided by the channel.

Accurate program start/stop times are extremely valuable for scheduled recordings (PVR services) and are imperative for nPVR or Catch-up services.
We can produce real time triggers for the majority of the UK channels, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the “Prime Time” where it is most needed.


We continuously strive to further develop our systems and enhance the metadata information with rich media content without compromising on the quality or our delivery KPIs.

Looking into the future, we are researching and developing new EPG features such as:

  • Special online reviews for each TV program
  • A selection of Posters and Images
  • External URL links for further reading
  • Connections with your social media networks
  • Intelligent suggestion engines based on your profile

Those features will blend with the standard EPG information and will produce extended metadata specifically designed for web 2.0, companion devices and next generation Smart TV Guides.